Greetings witches and warlocks. We at New Broom welcome you to our online presence. I'd like to begin by giving you a little glimps into our crystal ball to see what we are all about and how you can put a spell on the future of New Broom. 

We are a cleaning and maintenance service based within Pembrokeshire, Wales.

We come from a long line of experienced homestead keepers with over forty unique homes under our spell, we find that when it comes to cleaning we are at the helm of high quality.

We specifically focus on creating magical tranformations of dusty, old haunted houses, exquisite holiday homes, beach-side residence, historic restaurants/pubs, old cottage getaways, local guesthouses and B&B's, commercial premises, busy-body offices as well as those spiritual private dwellings and turning them into magnificent places of virtue.

We rid of those noxious linen stains, remove cobweb essences, tend to any potion remainders and have a fast broomstick sweep rate. New Broom also maintains those places if you are away and keeps them looking enchanting. With our 'Witch Doctor'- hot purified water potion you can keep all your windows, guttering and even solar panels sparkling. Not to mention our anti-virus fogging sorcery, you can be rest assured that your home is bacteria free. 


For more infomation on who we are and what we do,

please send us an owl-mail!