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Apartment absolutely spotless. Beautiful apartment.
Cottage was immaculate. Thank you
Well the house was spotless so thank you so much...

Yr card said leave a message about the property too if we wanted ..

The house was perfect and the location was great.

Just one thing.. the bathroom with the red lo seat .. the bath there we noticed has a bad leak the floor was wet when we arrived.. I had a look and it seems to be leaking from where the bath meets the water waste pipe I think.. so it should only leak when you use the bath... I left a pan from the kitchen under the bath yo catch water.. and I also noticed this has been haooen for a while as there is a stain on the kitchen ceiling.. adding yo that the free standing pipes/taps are not secured to the floor Well and move a little this is easily bad.. if someone holds onto these as they get out the bath they could break them and then Yr gonna have a massive flood..

This is not a complaint honestly we loved the house.. I'm just glad I don't have yo live next door to the bright blue otherwise we would be having a talk about that hahahahahhahh

Hope we get to come and stay again!!!!!
Been using New Broom to clean my beachside rental for years now. I'd never use anyone else, their high standard is impressive and has been since the day they started with me. Highly recommended.
Really impressed by the standard of cleaning provided by New Broom, will use again. Thanks.
I have a high maintenance property within Saundersfoot which New Broom cleans weekly. There are a lot of bedrooms and bathrooms, yet they are absolutely wonderful at keeping it looking beautiful on the arrival of my letters. I have so many good reviews come through to me of holiday makers experiences and all of them mention how perfectly clean everything is. I am so grateful to have found you. Thanks again - Margaret.
Would highly recommend. Always turn up to a clean home. Good job x
We've used New Broom for years and absolutely love the guys. Mark is wonderful and will do anything help make your life easier. They always give our letters the best first welcome experience, which we love because it reflects on us too. Literally wouldn't use any other cleaner in Pembrokeshire, I'd promote these guys to everyone. Thanks!
Really impressed by the standard of cleanliness given by New Broom. We regularly come to Tenby for holidays and am always impressed by the hospitality and hygiene of the cottage we stay in. Nothing we specifically request seems too much (We asked for some fancy pants champagne last time and they placed it on table with sparkling glasses and a welcome note. It honestly looked gorgeous!). We had to ask the owner who it was that maintains and cleans the property so we could write a review. Thank you so much for the time it takes you to do all the little add ons for us!
I have had my holiday home cleaned in Pembrokeshire by New Broom for years now and cannot fault them. They're extremely detailed when it comes to the nitty gritty. I highly recommend them to other home owners.