Deep Clean


We take care of all housekeeping and maintain general deep areas regulary. Whether its dusting or cobwebbing, polishing and buffing, washing and scrubbing, oven clean or mould removal, New Broom will have it covered. We specialise in high quality and uphold high standards wherever we go.

Any mess will magically disappear! 



Property Maintenance


With part of our company specialising in maintainence we regulary repare any items that have been specifically requested or those that we find whilst we are at the job. Any breakages found will be reported immediately and desposed of properly providing it cannot be repaired. We check batteries, clocks and with the cost of living crisis present at the moment, we will monitor guest bookings and turn off plugs and heating as required on departure.



Laundry Refresh


Our team of Laundress work hard to keep your linen looking crisp and fresh on every change over. Any stains are removed using high quality age old remedies and pressed to lock in the magical smell of cleanliness. 



Detailed Broomstick Sweep & Mop


Our detailed floor cleaning includes a sterilized mop of all hard floors and power vacuum carpets. Please enquire for further carpet or upholstry management.



Anti-Virus Fogging Potion


A high powered fogging machine which sterilizes the air and surfaces in order to remove all traces of bacteria and viruses. 



'Witch Doctor' Purified Hot Water Jet


Jet wash your windows, guttering, solar panels and any other hard plastics with our 'Witch Doctor' purified hot water jet machine. Why have just a beautiful view if you are not able to see out of those gimey windows. 



Complimentary Welcome Hampers


We supply a Welsh themed welcome package before your guests arrive to help them feel more at home.



Luxury Hospitality Extras


New Broom understand just how special a get away can be which is why we welcome extra requests. Nothing is too much trouble, a bottle of champagne, delightful chocolates or even flowers, please just send us an owl and we will be happy to help. 



Advise On First-Time Letters


The ancestors of New Broom have been locals for hundreds of years. We know what guests and clients want and how they can enjoy the best parts of Pembrokeshire. If you need advice on how to become a landlord, home owner or guest within our area we can offer our honest and best advice on how begin.



Paranormal Home Cleanse


If you believe that your home has any negative energy, we will cleanse it for your convenience. Using a variety of difference spiritual charming, herbs and encantments, we can place a positive vibe to your home.