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Westgate, Pembroke

Posted on 20th July, 2023

Westgate, a 14th century building is one of the oldest domestic buildings in Pembroke, with the exception of Monkton Old Hall. Underneath the row of the medieval cottages lies a vaulted undercroft, thought to have been the towns gaol, or jail. 

This beautiful historical cottage comprises of two well decorated bedrooms, a bathroom, lounge area, an extreamly roomy dining area attached into the kitchen, and a relaxation area towards the front of the house. Retaining its original features and surrounded by thick depths of Pembroke history, it has a very welcoming and homely aura that will be sure to give you holiday memories to cherish. 

Westgate resides opposite Pembroke castle, the famous birthplace of Henry 7th, and is surrounded with a backdrop of the tidal mill pond which is occupied by Swans, ducks and cygnets